Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Grad Student Eating




1. Open box. Pour desired amount.
2. Add milk to desired ratio of dry-to-wet
3. Be careful not to over-milk, as this will result in soggy cereal. Too little milk, though, and the flakes will masticate into a dry paste.

Turkey Sandwich


-Two slices whole wheat Orowheat bread
-2 slices each of Foster Farms' oven roasted turkey; ham; and smoked turkey. This may be found in their "Club Sandwich" variety pack
-1 tablepspoon Best Foods mayonaise
-1 Roma tomato, sliced thin
-A couple of leaves of romaine lettuce
-1 slice of Provolone Cheese

1. Spread the mayo on the bread. Layer three pieces of lunch meat on each piece, to give your sandwich stability.
2. Arrange tomato slices on one piece of bread and lunch meat
3. Place the lettuce on the other slice of bread and lunch meat
4. Put the cheese on either piece, and "sandwich" the two slices of laden bread together.
5. Cut in half diagonally or perpendicular, enjoy.

Seriously, I cannot eat like this anymore. I would rather not eat. I might be able to go back to pizza again, but I cannot eat another turkey sandwich, and I've only had three this week.

I have taken to making quick pasta, which I can bring to school for a long day of work and eat cold, because there are no public microwaves at Liberal College Law. Only in the journal offices, and I don't affiliate. But I would rather eat cold pasta than another turkey sandwich, the thought of which fills me with nausea and tears.

Fortunately, a savory savior is coming at 9:45 pm tomorrow.


Mustang said...

Oh no! Call me and if I'm around, I'll let you into a journal office. You shouldn't have to subject yourself to cold food on cold days while in exam/paper mode. Ack!

Love, S

Or like I said, we could go get some latkes this Friday and probably challah bread...

Belle Lettre said...

I dig the handle, mustang!


I'll be there at 3:30 to steal a donut from the chosen people. How I wish I could get a latke and challah. Challah back, y'all!

1L+ said...

Don't make fun of the turkey sandwich. The REAL key is to use:

1. Mustard from Saul's (easily the BEST ever)
2. Varying types of lettuce
3. COLBY Cheese (not provolone, there's too little taste there) from Whole Foods.

Let's get real here, realdeal grad students eat:

1. Oatmeal (Thick Rolled Oats, cooked on the stovetop) (Whole Foods)
2. Self-ground honey roasted peanut butter (Whole Foods)
3. Ground flaxseed (Whole Foods)
4. Honey (Andronico's, preferably Sage Honey)

1. Flaxseed bread (Safeway, Whole Foods, Andronico's)
2. Saul's deli mustard
3. Mayo (of your choice)
4. Lettuce (of your choice)
5. Colby Cheese (Whole Foods).

I mean, come on, really.

Anonymous said...